About Me

I grew up in the Kentish countryside on a small holding. Growing up around horses kept me young, much younger than most of my peers at school and very grounded. I had the responsibilities of horses from a very young age. I spent most of my childhood running around fields with my younger brother and sister or on horseback or with my nose stuck in a book.  

I always enjoyed school, education is food for the mind so they say. I particularly loved English and Art... and lunch if you want to count that as a subject...

As a result of my love for school, I am currently studying English Literature at a Kent University with the hopes of entering the publishing industry. 
I also aspire to become a writer, having a strong passion in the literary world and an imagination fit to burst; writing a novel is my biggest dream. Books have offered much comfort to me over the years, to be able to offer an audience of my own an escape, would allow me to feel as though I have given something back.  

I've always been very family orientated, so being close to home when studying at university was a priority. I find it important to be able to get home within the hour, as home is my safe place, and in any time of difficulty there is no better place for me than with my family. 

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