Thursday, 17 January 2019

I'm "Weird" About the Planet

Over the past few years, I have become far more conscious about the effect that I'm having on the planet. Where this has stemmed from I'm not entirely sure but perhaps my value of nature has come from having grown up in the English countryside.

Earth-consciousness is something that I want to incorporate into my everyday life so that it becomes a lifestyle. The most obvious place to start was recycling, after that, I began to consciously reduce my amount of waste, which is not as easy as it seems due to the number of packaging supermarkets uses for food and other products.

Living at university my first house was shared with six others and out of pretty much nowhere my obsessive nagging came out to irritate my housemates when it came to recycling.

One of my closest friends recently said "she's weird about the planet" when I pointed out the fact that she had decorated her entire kitchen and conservatory in Christmas wrapping paper for her Christmas party - I admit it was very impressive and had a wonderfully festive vibe - and asked if she'd be recycling it any time soon. At the time we all laughed about it, because yes, I am "weird" about the planet - but when I actually thought about it, it baffled me that people thought I was weird about the planet when in actual fact it's a huge issue.

In this case, I think the word "weird" means that I actually realise what is happening and have a genuine interest in helping to reverse and to prevent any further damage. And what makes me weird, is that not many people my age care or are even educated on the matter.

Humanity appears to suffer from a serious lack of responsibility. Excusing themselves from participating in something that affects us all and will impact our future generations by letting others do things instead of them.

I thought recycling was basic. I thought not using plastic bags at the supermarket for fresh fruit and veg was easy and kind of obvious. But apparently not.

I don't think people realise the extent of the damage that the human race is having on the rest of the world. Plastic being a HUGE one that is very prominent in the media at the moment, particularly concerning the oceans, then there are the palm oil plantations that are resulting in the drastic decline of orangutan's - the list could go on.

If being weird about the planet means preventing an unnecessary amount of waste going to landfill and plastic ending up in the oceans killing off species and damaging the environment, as well as bigger issues such as global warming; then that's perfectly okay with me.

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