Friday, 1 September 2017

How To Survive The First Week Of University

Going to University for the first time, is both exciting and terrifying.
For the first time, you are left to your own devices and yes, again, thats both exciting and terrifying. 
Getting through that first week is the hardest part of University, finding your feet, adjusting to being away from home, and meeting new people; it's a lot to comprehend! 

Here are my top tips on surviving the first week of university: 

1. Drink Plenty Of Water 
We all know Freshers is bound to take over. Keeping hydrated is key. Try to alternate with alcoholic beverage, water, alcoholic beverage, water. This doesn't mean you can't keep up. It just means that your hangover the next day - will not be as bad as your dehydrated friends! It's important to drink loads the next day too! 

2. Be Sociable  
When it comes to Freshers, you are all in the same boat. Strike up conversation with randomers, get to know people. You may not stay in contact with everyone, but making those initial friendships will really help with university life. 

3. Keep Busy 
If you're a family-orientated person, like me, leaving home is bloody hard! Keep yourself busy to avoid feeling homesick, likelihood is that at some point homesickness will creep up on you - but be busy! 

4. Eat Well 
Yes, you are in charge of your meals! But eating takeouts all day everyday eventually becomes very expensive! Also, it's not all that nutritional either. Try to eat some decent meals, throw in some fruit and veg. Make sure that stomach is lined before you hit the club. 

5. Get To Know The Area
Finding your bearings in a new place is tricky, but it will help to make you feel slightly more at ease knowing your way about the town. Head out with time to kill, maybe go with a flat mate, or just take a wonder by yourself and figure out where your local shops are, and the easiest ways to get about. 

6. Sleep 
Catching up on sleep you've missed is vital. Feeling groggy 24/7 is just not a good look. You will feel drained, and it will make the whole experience unenjoyable. Get the sleep you need. Embrace the uni life and take a good ol' nap! 

7. Try To Attend The Introduction Lectures 
Picking up on the basics on University is key. Yes, introduction lectures can be very very boring. But it's the bread and butter, the basics you need to muddle through your uni career. Looking back, I'm glad I went to mine.  

8. Enjoy It While It Lasts 
Uni will fly by, and truth it, they will probably be the best three years of your life! Embrace it, work hard, play hard! 

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