Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Day Trip To Rye

Rye is a beautiful seaside town in Kent with antique, jewellery and coffee shops galore!

It’s a perfect destination for a weekend escape with family, friends or your significant other, or simply for a day out to do some off-the-high-street shopping!

On a warm July afternoon, my Mum and I popped to Rye for a Mummy-Daughter-Day.

There are lots of lovely little jewellery shops throughout Rye, most of them Antique Jewellery shops offering hundreds of unique trinkets, their window displays housing everything from rings to necklaces to broaches, popular designs being art deco and marcasite pieces. Mum and I spent hours wandering from shop to shop marvelling at all the sparkles filling the cabinets, the major problem being limited money and far too many beautiful things.

For lunch we were aiming for The Bell restaurant, a beautiful old pub with an outside area underneath a beautiful Wisteria Tree.

However, all the outside tables were taken as it was at the height of lunchtime – but just opposite, was a beautifully quaint tea room called The Cobbles Tea Room, tucked away down a little cobbled pathway. So we decided to have a bite to eat there instead.

This café was once a lovely little house and has been turned into a cosy tea room, with a lovely outside area and courtyard.
We each had a Jacket Potato, served with coleslaw and a side of salad with a refreshing lemonade. The staff were incredibly friendly and the food was great, despite it being fairly busy the wait was not too long either.

They offered a variety of options on their menu including sandwiches with a selection of fillings and breads, soups, alongside a wonderful selection of cakes and afternoon tea’s. Mum and I were full by the time we’d finished our lunch, so we didn’t venture for any desserts, but they looked delicious and were seemingly popular among the other visitors.  

From The Cobbles Tea Room, we ventured downhill and came across The World of Legend, which I’ve passed numerous times when visiting Rye with my boyfriend, but never went in as it’s not so much as a shop front but has stairs leading down from the front door, from what I gathered, it was something to do with photography.
However, my Mum isn’t one to extinguish her curiosity as quickly as I, so we went in.

The only way to describe this place was as if we’d stepped into some fantasy land a million miles away. It was my childhood dream! A dragon head sitting on the desk, a wall of books and in the corner, the set was staged like a fairy grotto… I was in awe. They really aren’t kidding when they call it ‘The Most Magical Studio in the World’!
Whilst I marvelled at my childhood dream bedroom, Mum was talking to Oliver McNeil about his photography. He showed us photographs of his work, his clients dressed as faeries, mermaids, wizards and knights, ages ranging from extremely young children to fully-fledged adults. His work was truly beautiful and full of magic.

We took a leaflet and are planning on booking a photoshoot for my sister and I to be photographed as Fae, which is so incredibly exciting as a Fantasy enthusiast!

From the studio we passed The Mermaid Street Café, which is a favourite of my boyfriend and I’s, they do a wonderful hot chocolate, and we usually share a slice of their delicious cakes! But Mum and I were far to stuffed for all of that still, so we went on to explore the antique shops, which is also where my partner and I spend most of our time dwelling when we visit Rye, as it’s not particularly fair to drag him round all the jewellery shops.

After an exhausting day, we made our way back to the car park, stopping off at Knoops for a quick drink – only to discover that they make the most incredible milkshakes!
Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate… having a super sweet tooth, I went for the White Chocolate, even though I was warned it was sweet.
And boy, it really was sweet. But it really tasted like white chocolate, it was incredible! The shop quickly filled up with what appeared to be regular customers, many asked to share a milkshake if they came in, in twos – which I would highly recommend, as neither me nor mum could finish ours. If you visit Rye, and you have a sweet tooth, this is a must-stop place!

The cobbled streets of Rye make for a lovely day out - or for a weekend get away with a few hotels on the scene, you can treat yourself to an English coastal mini-break. It's far from the beaches of Hawaii, but the town of Rye is one of Kents little gems!

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