Thursday, 6 July 2017

A Day At Wimbledon

I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on a pair of Grounds Tickets for The Wimbledon Championships 2016.

I have not always been the biggest sports fan, nor the biggest fan of tennis. But it was always an event I was interested in going to if I got the opportunity. 

So Monday 27th June 2016, my friend Zoe and I headed to Wimbledon.

Driving to Wimbledon can be a huge pain in the neck, the traffic is a nightmare and for where I live, public transport is an awful lot easier.
We jumped on the tram from New Addington, only to have to hop off at Grove Hill because we realised we had forgotten the tickets... Luckily enough my Grandfather hadn't got far and managed to drop them to us in a matter of minutes... Oops. 

So tickets finally in hand we made way. 

Im not one for public transport, living in the middle of nowhere means you literally cannot get a bus unless you drive to the bus stop. But I managed with great ease to get to the grounds in one piece!

Ground tickets don't permit you to go into the Center Court, or any of the other major courts, but there are loads of other tennis matches you can watch. 
There is a huge variety of food you can be eating, and all the super expensive drinks you could be drinking - so you won't go hungry, might just end up broke. 

When we arrived, I managed to sniff out the food stalls, straight away and brought my self a box of pizza.. for a whole £8.50! I stuffed my face and then we had a little wonder about. 

We sat on the 'The Hill', or as it's really called, 'The Aorangi Terrace' this is where you can watch Center Court on the big screen.

Indulging in a classic jug of Pimms and some strawberries and cream - advice to all Wimbledon goers... to avoid huge queues, eat when the major courts are watching tennis. And if you don't manage to time it in time - a sneaky tip.. you can get Strawberries & Cream from the Champagne Bar, which never has a que as big as the 'actual' Strawberries & Cream stall. 

We ended up leaving around 6pm and headed back home after a wonderful day in the sun! 

Wimbledon Day 2 - Court 1

Monday 4th July 2016, we had a spontaneous Wimbledon Day! My Grandparents treated my mum, my sister, Zoe and myself to Court 1 tickets! 
The weather wasn't all that great this time around, and it was much much busier! When we arrived, around 12.30/1ish - we decided to head straight for the food to get it out of the way so that we could avoid the queues. We also got a jug of Pimms to share between us. We found ourselves a bench and dived in. 

We rotated the two Court tickets that we had. Zoe and I went into Court 1 first and watched Keys and Halep, Keys won... 

We then swapped with Mum and my sister Becky, who watched half of Venus Williams and Suarez Navarro and then Zoe and I swapped to watch the end of the game. 

Whilst we were waiting for them to ask to swap we sat on the Hill with a bottle of champagne watching Center Court. 
Security at Wimbledon was extremely high. They wouldn't let people stop for too long on the stairs that run either side of the Aorangi Terrace! Or stop at all for that matter. 

The match between Tsonga and Qasquet was for-fitted due to an injury so we ended up leaving at about 5.30pm as it was getting chilly. 

Despite not being a sports fan, I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I was going too, and would love to try and make a visit once every year! Highly reccomend it, even if sports isn't your thing, the atmosphere is fantastic.

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