Thursday, 11 May 2017

Bad Days are Normal

As beings, we have the ability to experience days when life is just not great.
Perhaps not for any particular reason, maybe you suffer with anxiety, depression or another mental illness.
There may be periods of your life when things seem especially bad or negative, where you may feel stuck and unable to move through it as quickly as you might like, or it may feel like it is never ending. This is not the case.

Life is made up of positive and negative experiences, to appreciate the good, we must experience the bad, for life is made up of balance.

We seem to have accumulated the idea that it's not normal, or not okay, to have down days. We feel the need to try and justify our emotions, when some days, there really is no justification for it.
It's normal. Perfectly normal.

We need to understand that not feeling okay just makes us human. There is not a person in this world who has had the utmost happiness, in every single moment of their lives.

Social media does not help us to unite in this, it has a strong tendency to do the opposite. People only want to portray the most positive images of their lives and themselves. This can, however, have a positive effect, spreading our happy moments with the rest of the world, as opposed to telling everyone how terrible our lives are, how awful we feel and dragging everyone else down with us.

Many perceive these 'positive moments' in other peoples lives, as their lives - as a whole. Yes, it is their life, however it is a particularly high moment of their life, something they want to remember, to share. Not the entirety. This vision of others isolates us. By misunderstanding social media we separate ourselves from others. Although we may do the same, posting photos of our high moments, a party, a dinner out with our significant other, holiday photos etc.

How often do you want to share photos of your off days, moping around in your PJ's with your blanket over your head eating a ton of ice cream and three packets of Oreos whilst binging for 18 hours straight on Netflix...?

The attitude towards social media must be changed. We should be aware of both the positive and negative impacts it has on our lives. Appreciating the platform it provides, not taking everything at face value.

Having recently heard the phrase "this, too, shall pass" I understand that both my highs and my lows, are moments that will pass. Some may last longer than others, some may be more pleasant and some may seem unbearable. But it will pass.

It is perfectly okay, to not feel okay. Every single one of us experiences some form of 'bad days', we just have to remember that life will balance out for you. Embrace the bad with good, for there is nothing we can do to avoid it.

It's okay, to not be okay.
It's life.

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