Thursday, 23 March 2017

Widening Your Horizons

Since starting my University career back in September, I have been getting into a progressively more positive mindset. A new or refreshed headspace is exactly what I need to work on. I'm approaching this year with positivity, determination, and and no-bullshit tolerance. 

Beginning with the task of 'spring cleaning' my blog. Deleting any posts that I did not feel as though were worthy, or were written on a whim, to purely have something to publish on a weekly basis. It's about quality, not quantity. 

I've also decided to narrow down my writing scope, which perhaps goes against the concept of widening horizons, but I want to delve deeper into the areas that I feel a strong passion for. Wellbeing, healthy body, healthy mind, an expressive action on creativity. The thoughts that fill my mind. Not the slap that hides my face. My interest lies much deeper than the liquids and powders we use to conceal our faces. It lies within. The internal beauty, and health of humanity. Makeup is a temporary fix, covers up, instead of changes. 

Following the crowd with the success and popularity of Beauty, was something that I happened to fall into. There was no passion there, my writing was empty and the products hardly ever changed. So, I decided it had to go. 
With those topics gone, space has been made in my mind to create new content. Content I have a passion for. 

My initial realisation for widening my horizons, came to me one evening, when I'd realised I'd been sitting on my Facebook page for just over an hour. Not doing anything in particular, just scrolling through the same old posts.

I had a sudden shock of realisation that I must have wasted hours, days, if not weeks, of my life on social media... and doing what? 

In that moment, all the things I could have done, could have created, the time I could have spent with loved ones, came flooding in. All the things I say 'I didn't have time to do'... I did. But I wasted it, looking at a screen, with no thought of my own. Just pure robotic habit. 

Switching off is so difficult. But once it's done, there is a sense of freedom, of liberation. Your thoughts become your own, you are not encircled in this vicious cycle of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. Etc. You can break free. Being connected is so easy, it's numbing. 

I've taken it upon myself to create and widen my mind in the times that I would so usually pick up my phone. Writing a blog post, relaying my own thoughts, as opposed to reading somebody else's. Reading a book, painting, going for a walk, anything other than letting my head get sucked back into the social-media crazed world. 

I want to be able to widen my knowledge of the earth, my understanding of others. To spend my time learning, improving my body and mind. We have so much at our fingertips, we grab the easiest, and most comfortable thing in reach. 

This was my wake up call. Get up, get out, switch yourself on and your phone off. 

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  1. WOW, Katie. This was absolutely brilliant and probably my favorite post of yours so far. This was just what I needed. You're so right. Every single word of it. I've been feeling a sense that something is missing in my life. What it is, is to actually enjoy my life! Not to waste it on my phone. Going out for walks, or hikes is something I really want to do. Being in the moment instead of wasting time doing nothing productive for my life. I want to explore the world and "widen my horizons". I'm looking forward to more of your wisdom on how to take care of my mind and body, wellbeing and creativity!!
    Love you lots and lots and lots!!! Well done! I can't wait to read more! xoxox


    1. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! This is more the path I want to take my blog down, I think this kind of thing is very under-rated, and I feel there are so many mental health issues that could be related to social media. Thank you for reading girl! Love you loads beauty!
      Katie xoxox