Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why You Should Keep A Journal

Long gone are the days of diaries. Our personal record of our every day lives is recorded via social media in photographs or tweets or status'. But these are all very impersonal. Just the other day I was out for coffee with a friend of mine, and we were discussing the lives people present themselves having on social media vs. the lives the really have. Obviously, we only select our highlights to share with the world. But they are still void of the memories, the tiny details of that particular day, the emotions you may have been experiencing.
We lose that sense of reflection, instead we translate it straight into a projection for the rest of the world to see. Losing our emotional attachment to the memory, just wanting to rake in likes and comments from the social media-lites.

All of this is why I think everybody should keep a journal.

Take it back to basics. Use a journal to write down your memories and experiences as they really were. And do it for you. Don't do it for the likes, or to show off to your second cousins girlfriends sister. Record your memories for you.

Keeping a journal, or diary if you wish, is a very therapeutic and self-rewarding thing to do. Taking five or ten minutes out of your day to write down what you did, who you saw, how you felt and what you achieved, will help you to appreciate your life.

A growing popularity for morning routines is to write down the things you are grateful for. This sets your mind in a positive place for the day ahead, and can completely alter your perspective, leaving negativity behind, appreciating what really matters.

It's also a brilliant creative outlet. Writing down your days' activities in the evening can also leave your mind clear for a peaceful nights sleep. The satisfactory feeling that your thoughts and memories are down in ink, and will not be lost during sleep, can ease you into a comforting lull, the quietness of your thoughts, now they've had an outlet, will invite sleep much more openly.

Journals are brilliant for keeping track, life is so fast paced, we forget the moments that really count, and fill their spaces with to-do lists, information we've been told. Trying to cram everything in.

There are thousands of beautifully designed journals and diaries on the market, chose one that catches your eye, one with an inspirational quote, or a serene image across the front. And record your life within it's pages.

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