Monday, 20 March 2017

Why You Should Keep A Dream Journal

A dream journal is something I have always wanted to do. There is something very fascinating about the notion of the sleeping body and subconscious thoughts of the mind whirring on, without any guidelines or structure.

Dreams can be terrifying, but also very beautiful. But dreams, come and they go. Very few dreams seem to stay with us. And the ones that do, tend to be the ones that have enforced a huge amount of emotion onto us, fear, for example. If you were asked to recall a nightmare you've had in the past year, you'd be able to do it without too much of a strain. 

Keeping track and recording your dreams can help you figure out the issues and conflicts in your conscious mind. Some may be more obvious than others. But more often that not dreams reflect and relate to our everyday lives. 

Dreams can tell you a lot about yourself, the things that you value and the people you love and appreciate. 
The nightmares, what scares you, who you're scared to lose. 
And your desires... that celebrity crush you dreamt about, the one you're head over heels for? 

I love decoding my dreams. I have had dreams about being able to breathe under water, dreams where I have been trapped by blood thirsty tigers, unable to escape. 
With the world wide web at our feet, it's super easy to type in 'breathing under water dream meaning' and have a series of answers in a matter of seconds. 

I went through a phase of doing this almost every day, waking up and googling it. I discovered so much. I began to see patterns in my dreams, when my stress levels were particularly high, when I was striving socially other patterns appeared. It got to the point where I didn't have to google my dreams all the time, I was starting to remember what the different symbolic parts of the dream meant in relation to my own personal life. 

Eventually I slipped out of this habit, only referring back to it if I had a particularly strange dream or something that really struck me as important. 

Falling out of this habit has been a shame, but life gets in the way. 

I recently picked up a 'Dream Book' in the local Charity shop, and this is what's encouraged me to start writing my dreams down, to begin decoding them again.  

Another reason I've decided to jot down my dreams, even if it's only in note form is that I'm an aspiring author, and love to write. Finding an original story line, that is none-to-similar to anything that's already been written isn't easy. What better place to find inspiration than from my own subconscious ideas. I've had some incredible dreams that would have made a brilliant plot for a novel or series of books, but I never wrote them down. 

So now is a good place to start, not only is it a wonderful thing to record, and to help your own understanding of your personal wellbeing, but it could potentially land you somewhere you did not expect to be. 

As a child I was always called a 'dreamboat' or a 'daydreamer', and truth be told, I suppose I am. The world of dreams is far more ambiguous, exciting and obscure than the world we live in. Exploration of dreams can lead us to a clearer understanding of our everyday lives. 

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