Thursday, 16 March 2017

Cleaning Up Your Blog

As writers, we all, at some point struggle with inspiration for content. Discovering the reason for a lack of motivation or inspiration, is the main battle. Once that is done, new ideas come flooding.

A rekindled fire for writing enveloped me in a desire to change. To change my attitude towards my blog as an aspiring writer, and to change my attitude towards the topics I write about. For a long time, I had been putting off writing new content. I'd lost inspiration.
This came down to trying to spread myself too thinly over a broad variety of subjects. For me, this wasn't healthy.
There were topics featured on my blog, that yes, I enjoyed reading about, but didn't have the passion when it came to writing about it. Passion is my driving force in life. And my passion was being restricted by these topics filling my blog and head space, with empty thoughts and passionless words.

After much deliberation, I decided,

1. I hated my blog name and URL.
2. My blog needed a makeover.
3. To delete old blog posts.
4. To narrow my blogging subject range down.

I scrolled through old posts, and decided which ones were written as 'need-to-shove-something-on-the-blog-today' posts, and posts that were just following the trend of whatever blogs happened to flag up on my Twitter as popular. And all of these, met their end with the unforgiving 'delete' button.

I decided it was time to clean up my blog a bit, take out all the material that was just shoved on, and focus on what I really want to write about. To narrow down all the areas I initially thought I wanted to write about; ditching 'Baking' and 'Beauty' - yeah I absolutely love to read about those two areas, but I'm not experimentive enough, on a regular basis, to keep up with it the way I'd like to.
But by closing the field, I can focus purely on the topics that interest me, and spark passion.

The liberation, and oddly, a sense of relief, waved over me. The space in my head that once housed 'ideas' for the deleted topics, was instantly filled with new ideas for Art, Gift Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel and Wellbeing. The thinly spread butter was no more.

With a new look, a new URL that holds somewhat of a personal trait, old 'space-filling' blog posts deleted and a narrowed topic field, inspiration is flowing, and I finally feel happy with my blog, and writing headspace.

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