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Valentines Day on a Student Budget - Gifts

Valentines Day is nearing, I'm not the biggest fan of this commercialised holiday, however, I do think that it is nice to have a day dedicated to your loved one. It is so easy in todays society to forget to appreciate those closest to you. 

Here is a list of some thoughtful, inexpensive gift ideas for Him and for Her 


Bake your yummy some yummies! Bake cookies, brownies, cakes or if baking isn't your thing then maybe just decorate some biscuits instead! Like they say, the way to a mans heart is through is stomach! 

If you're really stuck for ideas, why not grab him that movie he's been wanting to see? Simple, easy, and hey, that's your evening entertainment sorted out! 

There are hundreds of key rings out there, but also loads of places that allow you to personalise them, engravings or photographs, so he can be reminded of your pretty little face wherever he goes!

A Mug 
Don't go calling him a mug... not on valentines day anyway! But personalised or humorous mugs are brilliant and practical gifts, get a photograph of you both printed onto one, or go all out and find the local pottery decorating class, and paint him one! 

This is an idea that I saw pop up on Not On The High which is a brilliant place for gifts, but can also become very pricey, however this was only £19 and is an adorable little keepsake! 


Letters To My Love
I picked this up from a little shop in Tunbridge Wells, they do a whole range of them, from Letters To My Love to, My Mum. They're much cheaper online than where I brought them from, but a lovely, personal little keepsake. Or to make life easier (and cheaper) write your loved one a series of letters, memories or the little things you love about them.

Indoor Plant 
I'm obsessed with succulents, cactus and that of the likes! It all started with the Bonsai Tree my boyfriend gave to me for Christmas, and frankly, I think a home with a plant, is a happy home!  

Trying to keep it practical with this one... and as a great stationary lover myself, this wouldn't go amiss! Especially is she's a student too, it will be put to good use that's for sure. Paperchase and Kikki.K are fabulous places to buy gifts. 

Obviously. Would it even be Valentines Day without chocolates!?

A nice bottle of wine can be cheap and easy! Doesn't need to be anything too fancy, if she's a student, she'll only be downing it in a game of Head or Prawn anyway... 

Easy peasey, every girl loves a good scented candle, find out her favourite smell and your sure to find a candle with that scent... unless of course her favourite smell is petrol... which is, to me, a rather nice smell... but not my favourite by far. But still. A nice smell... lavender or something. 

Ideas for Both Him & Her 

Fridge Magnets 
This is a fun one! Get your photographs printed onto fridge magnets and then voila! Let them whack em on the fridge and you'll be reminded of all your memories! 

A Few Of Their Favourite Things! 
A little box or bag filled with a few of their most favourite things, sweets, chocolates, a bottle of something strong... whatever it might be! 

Homemade Card
Don't spend money on a card... why not make one? Get as creative as you like, you can make it A1 sized and slap photographs and sloppy sayings all over it, or you can keep it plain and simple. The effort you put into it will mean a lot! 

This years Boobs&Booty V-day card!

Personalised Pillow 
Again, a physical record of your favourite photographs together. A lovely little accessory and just damn cute! These however can range in price drastically, so make sure to do your research.

Other Useful Websites for Gift Shopping 

Not On The HighStreet

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  1. I'm SOO glad you're blogging again, Katie!! This is a great one! What great ideas to get your significant other. I'll definitely need this when I finally get with someone. ;)
    P.S.. the candle part made me LOL. It's not too bad of a smell. haha.
    Great post xoxo