Wednesday, 9 November 2016


In sight of recent events, I have finally felt the need to complete a post that has been sitting in my drafts, half written and feeling dramatic. But due to the circumstances Trump's success, I've decided to put pen to paper.  

Obviously we are all aware of the abomination America has inflicted upon itself within the past 24 hours. I am no politician, by no means. But I can tell a dangerous human being when I see one. 

Racist. Sexist. Liar. - Trump. 

Being a UK citizen, I have seen many posts stating 'We don't even live in America, so why are we all so bothered?' or 'It's never going to affect us, get over it.' Well let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, I put my bottom dollar on it, that Trump's attitudes will spread. 

The President of The United States. A man, who has repeatedly abused women on so many levels. 
Think about your daughters for one moment, your sister, your mother, the female influences in your life. Now think how far we have come. We still have a long way to go yet. But in today's society women are respected. Should be respected. 
Yet here we are. With this man, who has bragged about assaulting women! Called women all kinds of vulgar names, objectified so many, on such a vast scale. 

Yet he's still managed to seat himself in the highest chair the US has to offer. 

His supporters don't seem to realise that this man is a time bomb. And you voted for this monster to run your country to "Make America great again"?! Do you have no understanding of how destructive this outcome can be? 
Female supporters, this man does not give a damn about you. The way he has treated women in the past - what makes you think he would treat you any different? 

Male supporters, do you want to see your future daughters treated with no respect by boys at school, and getting away with it, degrading and objectifying them as sexual objects in the same way that Trump does?   

What if it was your daughter he groped at, called a dog? Or what if, it was your childhood best friend, fearing for their future because they don't fit into Donald's "image of an American"? Or your boyfriend, beaten by Trump supporters, just because he's black? What decisions will he make concerning the LGBT communities? 

The power of a country in the hands of a vile, inhumane, bigot. White, male supremacy is sitting in the highest seat of power within the USA and people are demanding change and equality...? 

People seem baffled as to why I'm so bothered about this, but it's no secret that America has a huge influence over English culture. Our interaction with America is vital, we speak the same language, we borrow American terms, catch onto American trends... will this be the next trend? Will the next trend make objectifying women acceptable? Will bullies start to become popular and fearless because their powerful American role model has bullied people throughout his entire career and managed to come out on top? 

It's 2016. And I, a 21 year old female will not leave the house alone after 5pm. It's November, it gets dark early. 

Why should I feel too scared to pop to the shop after a day at University because it's dark?
Why should I have to hurry back to my accommodation with my keys between my knuckles? 
Why should I have to own and carry a rape alarm around with me? Why should I have to check over my shoulder every 5 seconds? Why should my heart pound in my head and panic when I see a man walking behind me? Why should I have to be subjected to degrading catcalls when heading back from lectures? Why should I have to carry a pocket sized aerosol in my pocket 'just in case'?

Because of men like Trump. 

Because clearly the majoity of the American population is made up of people who deem it acceptable to treat women in which ever way they please. 

Because sexual assault, and rape is so common in today's society, we are no longer shocked by it. 

So thank you. To those Americans who saw Donald Trump as a convenient candidate. 
Thank you for undoing everything we as women, have ever fought, so rightfully for. 

I hope you sleep well tonight knowing your future is in the tight grip of Mr. Donald Trump. 

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