Monday, 24 October 2016

20 Things I Learnt In My 20's

Having turned 21 this September, I decided this 
would be a fun way to express all the things I discovered during that year of my life! 20 was a pretty big one for me, so I want to pass on the important things I learnt. 

1. It Doesn't Matter If You Don't Know What Career To Pursue
I had no idea what I wanted to do when I came out of school, at the time it seemed like the end of the world. But it's really not. Two years down the line, I have discovered what I want to do as a full time career, teaching. I worked for those two years, gained experience, earned money and I turned out okay! Don't fret! Give yourself time. 

2. Friends Will Change
Friends will change, you will loose contact with people and make new friends. It's not the end of the world. Your close friends will stick by you, but people move on with their lives, it's nothing personal. 

3. The First Job You Have Will NOT Be Your Forever Job
It simply just wont. Don't limit yourself to that one job, get out there, there are hundreds of job roles, find ones that interest you, don't get stuck somewhere because you think you can't leave. 

4. Have Fun
You're still young! Enjoy life while you don't have all the responsibilities of adulthood. You have years to be an adult! 

5. Love Your Family Unconditionally
They will be there for you through thick and thin. 

6. Live In The Moment
Yeah, yeah. YOLO and all that. But honestly, Take life as it comes! 

7. Surround Yourself With Positive People
Nobody wants to feel unwelcome or be surrounded by those negative vibes. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and celebrate the beauty of life! Positivity is the new black! 

8. Don't Take Life Too Seriously
Honey. Life is too short. So what, you fell over in a puddle? You're not hurt, you just look ridiculous! Laugh it off, there are very few things that can't be laughed off. 

9. Be Yourself
BIGGEST TOP TIP EVER! Be you! It's really not that much fun trying to be someone else, people will love you for you. 

10. Relationships Might Get Tricky 
There are times when you just don't get on with everyone. You may disagree or have a spat over something or other, but that does not mean it's the end of the relationship. It's far too common now a days to just give up when things get hard. Work through it, don't ditch it. 

11. You Won't Hear From People Regularly 
Since my friends have gone to uni, I don't hear from them that often. But that doesn't mean you're no longer friends. People just get busy, and you have to understand that, don't take it to heart. 

12. Don't Take Anything Personally 
This comes from a book I read 'The Four Agreements' but it is the truest piece of information I have ever read. Don't take anything personally, at all. Ever. 

13. Don't Worry About Things 
Likelihood is, whatever it is you're worrying about, wont matter in a couple weeks time! Worrying is a waste of energy! 

14. You will have Good days and Bad days 
A bad day is not a bad life. You will have good and bad days, the yin and yang! Things will always pick up again! 

15. Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover 

It's as it sounds, don't judge anyone without getting to know them first! You will be surprised at just how many strong friendships you will form if you just give people a chance! 

16. Stop Dwelling On The Past 

Live for the now. Forget what happened four days ago, 8 months ago or ten years ago. Don't let it poison the now!

17. Work Hard But Play Hard Too 

Working hard is obviously a brilliant ethic to have. But balance is key. You have got to have fun too, don't become, work. Let loose that party animal here and there. 

18. Have You Time 

As important as it is to spend time with those you love, it is just as important to have time to yourself,  read a book, have a hot bath, listen to music. Just something for you

19. Have A Hobby 

Having a hobby is vital, it creates an escape and can vary or a level of craft to fitness, there are hundreds of things to get interested in!

20. Take Your Own Advice 

Some people talk rubbish, don't let people tell you your relationship won't work out, or your job isn't 'for you'. Don't listen to everything people say. 

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  1. Love this, Katie!! I literally agree'd with every point! It's funny how much you thought you "knew" as a teenager. At 23, I definitely see things a lot differently. I've grown up quite a bit. These are awesome life experiences that everyone should recognize. Well done, love bug <333