Friday, 19 August 2016

Why Ellen DeGeneres Is The Greatest

With the release of 'Finding Dory' (finally Pixar! I mean what have you even been doing with your time?!) I felt it was a perfect time to celebrate the gift to earth, that is, Ellen DeGeneres. (In brackets; Dory
In my personal opinion (the right opinion) Ellen is a bloody hero. 
Where do you even start? I mean aside from the fact that she's a comedic genius, animated fish and extremely generous human being...? 

I have never had the pleasure of ever being within even miles of Ellen DeGeneres. But I kinda feel like I know her on a personal level. Like she just sort of plops herself in my living room and says funny stuff and entertains me for an hour or so. 
She's one of those celebs, that doesn't feel like a celebrity. She's apart of the fam. 

The Ellen Show is not your stereotypical chat show. It's where incredible stories are told, and not just from celebrities. Ellen interviews a lot of young kids, some with amazing talents and others with devastating illnesses. This alone can make a childs dream come true! To be sitting with Ellen, on TV! But then she always takes it that much further, surprising them with a gift, or with their dream vacation for kids with life threatening illnesses. I mean, this woman heals hearts. 
But it's nothing 'special'. It's just Ellen. You never see 'Ellen treats terminally ill child to Disney World Dream' headlining across the globe.    

Ellen is truly kind. The way she interacts with her fans, with the guests on her show, she comes across as so genuine. 

Another reason Ellen is such a super hero, is her sexuality. She is who she is. And she's not labelled for it. It's not 'Oh you know Ellen, the lesbian one..?' Never once, have I heard people describing Ellen via her sexuality. She's 'Ellen? The talk show host? Really funny...? Short hair? Does Dory's voice in Finding Nemo..?' She is so much more than her sexual orientation. Ellen, just by being Ellen, shows how accepted she is for being her. 
Society has a way of creating such a fuss surrounding the LGBT community, take Caitlyn Jenner for example, how heavily she was featured in the media, how much attention was drawn towards transgenders, like it's a massive issue. 
Ellen is married to Portia. Portia is married to Ellen. It's just so. 

To be frank, I think Ellen is just great. And I honestly believe we should hold an annual 'Ellen DeGeneres Appreciation Day', because I feel she would really love that, and lets be honest... if we make it a national holiday - extra days off work! WIN WIN! 

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