Monday, 27 June 2016

Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

As children, we are encouraged to follow our dreams. Disney movies taught us that following our dreams was achievable, and would lead to happiness. For a very quick example, there's Ariel, who wanted to be human, Belle, who wanted more than the average life and to make a difference. We're told we can be whatever it is we want to be.

So at what point does this stop?

When do we stop thinking our dreams are achievable? At what age are we no longer encouraged to 'follow our dreams'? What makes us lose sight of what it is we really really want?

Okay, maybe my initial dream wasn't achievable in the slightest, after all I was born human and not a mermaid - and my father - as incredible as he is - does not possess a Triton with the power to swap my legs for fins.
But the more realistic dreams, the big ambitions, the desire for a career you're passionate about...?

Why do we give up on following our dreams?

Life can be complicated, it can throw a lot of complications your way that, yes, maybe you didn't consider when you were six years old dressed up as a dalmatian running around the garden like a lunatic. But you can always work through them. They're obstacles. Not brick walls.

Darlin's, life is short. So short. We may as well do what we want with the time that we have. Do what ever you like with your life. The world is your oyster. You want to do something. Go for it. 

Happiness is what fuels human beings. We strive to be happy. We strive to make others happy. So why settle for a job that makes you miserable. Why settle to be surrounded by those who make you miserable. 

Dreams are made of passion, happiness and love. Once you've lost the initial motivation to achieve your dream, the whole thing deteriorates and gets forgotten about. 

The successful ones are the persistent ones. They love what they do, and they will get knocked down and get back up, brush the dust off and persist. J.K Rowling for instance; how many times was she turned away before she could even get Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone published? The thirteenth publisher finally said yes. Success is not easy. 

Following your dreams can open so many doors, and can bring you endless happiness. Career wise, if you're doing what it is you love, and what your passionate about, then work will not be work. 

The day I can wake up and bounce out of bed, knowing that I'm going to be doing what it is I love, all day everyday, is the day I will have achieved my dream. 

My aim in life is to follow my dreams, as long as I am doing so, I will be happy. 

Follow your dreams ladies and gents. 

Don't exist. Live.  

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  1. This post was perrrfection! Absolutely what I needed just when I needed it! It's so true and only a week ago or so did I realize I just wanted to be happy! I want to do things that make me happy. Career, travel, ect.! This is such an encouraging post and I feel like I'd look back on it often if I need that bit of motivation. Well done Katie! <33

    Jay xxx

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! I just think its such an important thing, and is so undermined once you hit the teenage years! Go for it girl! The world is your oyster!

      Katie xox