Wednesday, 1 June 2016

How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

Those nights when you're just so tired, your body aches, but your head won't shut off. You're worrying about something, or you're just too excited for the following day, or even if it's just thoughts that just won't shut up no matter how hard you try to ignore them. We've all been there, and lets face it, it's bloody miserable!

I went through literally almost two weeks of not being able to sleep properly because my head was spinning with useless thoughts. So I decided to try and get into a routine, of closing down my thoughts.

A new discovery for me. The benefits of exercising regularly. Aiding sleep is just one of many, I have slept sooo much better since I have started running on a daily basis. by the time I'm ready to crawl into bed, my body aches in that really satisfying way, and I pretty much just drift away, and wake up feeling fully revitalized! It's not a myth guys (that I so strongly believed it was till I got up off my ass!) it's a wonderful feeling! 

A Hot Drink (Not Coffee!)
I always make a cup of tea before I go to bed, some may argue that it will keep them up, or they will have to get up to pee all night. But a cuppa is my wind down. A herbal tea is also a great alternative, there are hundreds of types out there, find one you like and have it as your evening wind down. I strongly advice against coffee... it defeats the idea of having a good nights sleep!

Bath Time!
So first off, I'd run myself a hot bath, and I'd take in a book (and my cup of tea,) and just have 'me time'. Leave the day outside the bathroom door, and just get engrossed in whatever book it happens to be that I'm reading. (Currently it's the Narnia Chronicles, as I was struggling with nightmares from The Game Of Thrones series I was reading!)  
Ban Electronics 
From this moment onward, leave Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, everything, alone. A little detox from your laptop and phone and whatever else it is you use to communicate with the outside world. I'm sure you can survive the night without checking up on Facebook. This makes a huge difference. Studies say that turning off electronics an hour before bed allows for a better nights sleep. Social media has made us so restless, its too accessible, we can't live without it, it's madness! So turn off that phone!

Lighting candles before you go to sleep (don't leave them burning over night peeps!) is a brilliant way to wind down. It's a much softer light source, and you can get some gorgoues scented candles too! I recommend the Yankee Candle range, my favourite being Christmas Cookie, which is a vanilla-ery scent that smells strongly of cookies in the oven! (which I have literally just re-purchased because I only have a tiny bit left!) Lavender is also a great scent as it's soothing and is often recommended to those who struggle to sleep at night.

I don't think meditation is given the credit it deserves. It's not all about the 'ommmmmmm'-sitting-with-legs-crossed-in-an-uncomfortable-position. It's a practice to literally have no thoughts, and to simply just 'be'. Meditating before bed has an incredible effect on the mind. Calming thoughts, and allowing you to be in control, it can put you into a deep state of relaxation, which gears you up for a fabulous nights sleep. Do not be deceived. Having no thoughts is much harder than it actually sounds!  

So there you have it! A little bedtime unwind routine for y'all! Sleep is so important (especially for me, Katie hungry and tired = spawn of Satan) you don't want to be feeling groggy and zombie-fied all the time, it's just no fun! So sleeping is the key to a happy life.

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  1. I'm terrible at leaving my phone alone in the evenings! Must try harder haha :)

    Courtney x

    1. It's the thing I struggled with most! I love a good Instagram stalk before bed!

      Katie xo