Thursday, 16 June 2016

21 Things To Do Before I Turn 21

I thought this was such a fun idea! I got inspired by 

Karina V to do this post, as she did a video of 21 Things 

she wanted to do before she turned 21. And I thought 

yeah, that is something I definitely want to do! Set 

myself some goals, or just fun things that I want to tick 

off my list. Like Karina, I wanted to make sure they 

were all realistic and not waaay of out reach, so some of 

them may seem a little bizarre, but I'll elaborate as I go! 

1. Go On A Picnic
Pretty self explanatory really, I love picnics and haven't been on one since...forever! 

2. Pub Crawl
I've always wanted to do a pub crawl! But I always end up being dedicated driver!

3. Have A Beach Day
I love the beach! Being by the sea is one of the most relaxing things ever! 

4. Go On A Breakfast Date
I love breakfast food. 

5. Have A BBQ 
I also love BQQ food. 

6. Have A Day Pretending To Be Young Again 
Being old is boring, I wanna play in the sprinklers and eat ice cream till I feel sick and bounce on the trampoline from dawn till dusk! 

7. Go to Rye
Beachy place! Has cute shops, and apparently has some mean fish & chip shops!

8. Go to the Arcades 
Who doesn't love the penny machines?!

9. See Busted LIVE -DONE!
TICK! Best gig EVER! 

10. Visit Cornwall Again
This is probably the only goal that could prove tricky with the possibility of it clashing with other holidays I have booked. But I'd love to go back to Cornwall some day. 

11. Go On A Boat Ride
I love boats! I hired a jet ski last year, but a boat would be loads of fun! 

12. Go Camping
I adore camping, ain't nothin' like being close to nature an' all!

13. Read At Least Two Game Of Thrones Books
I'm a huge fan of the T.V series, but the books are quite different, I got onto book 2 and ended up having such bad nightmares (don't judge me...!) I had to lay off for a while and read the Narnia Chronicles to stop my over active imagination preventing me from sleeping. 

14. Have a Mummy Daughter Day 
My mumma is the best and I love spending time with her. We need to have more Mumma Daughter days!

15. Go To A Theme Park 
Thorpe Park here I come! 

16. Ride Dash 
My mums new(ish) horse. he's a total beauty, but the first ride I ever had on him... was not a successful one to say the least. I'm making it my aim to hop back on him before my birthday! 

17. Run Round The Block 
I've been trying to up my fitness levels, see here to find out how and why. So to be able to round around the block near my house would be a huge achievement! 

18. Get In The Habit Of Drinking More Water 
Again, relating back to my health, it's something I need to get into the habit of. 

19. Go For A Run On The Beach 
We're going on holiday this year, and we're right on the seafront. So a morning run on the beach is something I really want to do! Even if I can only manage it once!

20. Play Stupid Garden Games 
We used to play so many ridiculous games at BBQ's or just on a summer evening, they're great fun and I really miss doing them. 

21. Get Frozen Yogurt 
I live in the UK. And for those of you who don't know. Frozen Yogurt is not something you can pick up all that easily. And the Fro-yo I have managed to get my hands on, has been absolutely crap compared to the American stuff. We have a favourite Frozen yogurt shop in Florida, called Spin which is the most incredible thing I have ever had the pleasure of stuffing my face with.

So there you have it! 21 Things To Do Before I Turn 21 on September 8th! Let the fun begin! 

Don't forget to head on over and check out the beautiful Karina over on her YouTube channel!

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  1. Love it!! This post is so inspiring to help people do what they want to do live an adventure but with a time set haha. I'll have to figure out 24 things I want to do before I'm 24! haha
    I loved all that you put down. So refreshing! This post is such a motivator. Great job as always Katie! <3

    -Jay xxx

    1. Oh I'd love to read that! You must! It's really nice to have things to tick off as you go along, instead of just sort of doing the 'same old' summer time things! Glad you liked it! <3

      Katie xox