Thursday, 26 May 2016

Why I Started A Blog

Like some of you bloggers, I feel that I may have started to loose my way a little. Stats start taking over, followers become tokens instead of people to interact with. Page views are more important than planning new content.

Seriously?! Is this why I started blogging? So that I could be obsessive over statistics and followers?


Whilst all these things matter to me, a great deal, it was not why I hit the 'Create blog' button.

Readers mean the world to me, the fact that there are people out there who are willing to listen to what I have to say, and value the energy and thought I put into my blogs. That there are readers out there who encourage and support what it is I want to share with the world. The internet is a wild and wonderful place, and I am lucky to have a tiny bit of space to be able to express my opinion. So yes. Stats and comments and followers do matter, but not as much as you'd like to think they do.

Since I have realised that I'd let these elements take over my blogging life, I've taken a huge step back.

I've sat back and thought 'why did I start blogging?'

The most obvious reason, was my passion for writing. I have always been an enthusiastic writer, I aspire to be an author one day, and to teach English Literature.
I think there is something very magical about the written word. It's based on interpretation. You could read an entire novel, that is incredibly popular and half the nation has read - and you would still imagine the characters, the places, the scenery - completely differently.
It's similar with a blog, I could tell you all about a scenario that happened to me last week, and it is likely you would imagine it very differently to the way someone sitting next to you might.
It's the wonder of the imagination!
So that was the first point of reasoning as to why I started a blog. I'm passionate about writing!

A Place To Share My Thoughts
I have things I want to share with people. There are things that I have done, or would like to do, or I have little tit-bits of information that I feel others would benefit from. I have a voice, and an easy platform to be heard - it would be stupid not to jump at the opportunity to have my own minuscule place on the internet, to express my opinions.

Meet New People 
There is something very liberating, interacting with people who share an interest with you. To be able to talk to someone who lives hundreds of miles across the globe, and share experiences, is just something we take for granted. It's astonishing how much you can learn just by piping up a conversation with someone!

I have had a pretty tough couple of years, and I'm now breaking through! Writing is a way for me to escape every day life, and the things I stress about. It preoccupies my mind with something I love. I completely submerge myself in my blog posts.

I'm not the greatest at expressing myself when it comes to it. The easiest way for me to tackle confronting someone is to write them a letter. Otherwise I ramble. I find it much easier to express myself through writing, I can structure it, and make sure it doesn't come out wrong! (which happens more often that you think, I talk incredibly fast when I'm nervous or worried or angry!)
Happiness is wonderful to write about, its not all doom and gloom believe it or not! Poetry, past experiences you treasure - they will never fade if they're written down. They're there to stay.

I blog because I love to write, because I feel I have something to say, because I love to met new people, because I needed an escape, because I love to express myself through writing.
And those are the real reasons I created a blog. To share my opinions and experiences with everyone else.

These are far more important than pageviews and followers.

So next time I feel the stats and the followers and the retweets start taking over again. I will be able to put my passion back into perspective.
I love my blog. It's my space, it's where I can be me, and where I can share what I like with whoever's willing to read it.
And to those who do read my blog. You mean the world to me. I can't express how wonderful it is to be able to be heard. And despite what I say, what use would by blogs be, if nobody ever read them?
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  1. I love the way you write! Like I said before I'm so glad that your blog is a place you can go to. I think we all at some point get caught up in views, followers and everything inbetween. It's nice to reflect and remember why we started.

    Jasmine x

    1. Thank you Jasmine! I think so, it's so easy to be swept up in the atmosphere of blogging, sometimes you start writing about things that you don't care about, it's nice to be able to write about the things you're passionate about!

      Katie xo