Thursday, 19 May 2016

Gift Ideas For Men

Stuck for what to get your BoyF for his birthday? Men are sooooo hard to buy for (in my opinion) I find it incredibly hard! But this year I seemed to have nailed it, (or so said he!) So I thought I'd help lighten the load, and share some little gift ideas, that are perfect for little birthday surprises, or 'just-because' gifts.
This particular box of little tit-bits was for the occasion of a 21st birthday. 

21 Things I Love About You 
21 Things, for his 21 years! This can literally be as soppy as you possibly want it to be. You can include photos or just keep it plain and simple. I decided to not draw any attention away from what it is I love about him. It can literally be the tiniest detail, for example, I included
- I love the way your hair goes crazy in the mornings 
- I love the way you dance with me 
You get the idea, the little things you love about them, but never actually tell them.
Personalised Pillow Case  
This was probably the most pricy, but by far the present I was most impressed with! Bags of Love is an excellent website which you can design your own pillowcases, materials, blankets and duvet sets with your own photographs! Brilliant quality, I couldn't have been happier! A wonderful keepsake, you can also add text. They do everything from pillow cases, to duvet sets and material printing! I will definitely be purchasing from this company again.  

Back view

Front view

Polaroid Photographs
LALALAB polaroid pictures, these always go down a hit, in any gift box I send him, these brilliant polaroid's are high quality, and excellently priced! They're wonderful for decorating university walls with the ones you love back at home and are just lovely little keepsakes! The app is free, and you can make your own photo books and everything! Defo something to keep in mind!

Desktop Henry Hoover 
This was a little random, I asked if he wanted anything that could be popped in the post (a chop saw is a little...inconvenient) and a Desktop Henry Hoover is what he asked for! So if all else had failed, at least he would have got something he'd asked for! (luckily everything went down a treat!) 

Leather Journal
This was a Christmas gift actually. I handmade this faux leather journal and embroidered his initial on the front. He's a designer and is always in need of somewhere to jot down ideas or to draw out plans - so this made a practical little gift! The inside cover is material, which I also embroidered a little message into. I've made one similar to this for my mum and she loved it too! 

Needle Felted Golden Retriever
My boyfriend has two golden retrievers, and went he went away to university, I knew he'd miss them, as he'd grown up with them around all the time. And lets face it a home without a dog is pretty empty! So I needle felted him little retriever and sent it up to him!
So there you have it, a few little tit-bits that make wonderful presents for that tricky other half! (men - women would also love some of these ideas *hint-hint, nudge-nudge*) 

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  1. Ahhhh! This is all so cute!! Those are such well thought out - from the heart gifts. How romantic (insert heart emoji here!). I can only imagine just how much he'll enjoy it. It's things that personally link back to you and ya'lls relationship. That's amazing. And Happy Birthday to him! I don't know if I asked you, how long you guys have been together? :)


  2. Thank you! Brought presents are lovely, but making something personal for your close ones is just... I dunno, so cute! I love getting homemade gifts! We've been together 2 years in July! But we went to school together :)

    ~ Katie xo