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Here’s – To The Boy Who Lived

Here’s – To The Boy Who Lived

There wont be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name’ – JK said it herself. But little did she know the influence the story of ‘a boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs’ would have.

Now I’m not the type of person to think that ‘a book is just a book’. To me, a book is a part of someone’s soul. Endless amounts of time, effort and love are poured into writing a book. Individuals across the globe share their imaginations with the masses. Without authors we would have no Middle Earth, no Hogwarts no Narnia – nothing. Magical escapes would not exist. I meet a lot of people who say ‘Oh, I’m not into novels about magic and fantasy – I like something more believable.’ And I have never ever understood this. Why do you need something so close to reality? Why would anyone want to disappear and engross themselves into another world so similar to ours when you can go to far off places and completely forget about the harsh reality we live in? It seems rather absurd to me.

Throughout school, I was always referred to as the ‘Harry Potter Nerd’ and to be perfectly honest, I took it as a high compliment. Because truth be told, before Harry Potter came along, I suffered with friendship issues, and was always trying to be somebody I wasn’t. And as mad as it sounds, Mr. H.P helped me find happiness with who I was.
I think what a lot of people overlook when it comes to Harry Potter, is that it deals with a lot of day to day issues, bullying, racism, jealousy, stereotypes – but because its classed as a children’s fantasy novel, it is brushed off as ‘just another story’. When it is far more than just a story. There is ob-viously a reason it has become so popular. Because despite the magical elements, people can still relate to it.  
There is something so comforting when it comes to Harry Potter. The consistency of the characters within both the novels and the movies gives a real sense of connection when it comes to the report between the reader and protagonists. The settings become familiar, Hogwarts becomes home, Hogsmede becomes your local shopping centre - the intensity of the detail and reader-writer connection is unexplainable, its understandable how Harry Potter took the world by storm.

These books are like open arms, a warm fire on a winters night, family round the dining table on Christmas day. I wouldn’t change them for the world, and they mean more to me than I could explain. For a while Harry Potter was my identity, it was what I was known for and helped me stand up for myself. The paper pages where my rock in times of need, and to Jo I am forever grateful.
So next time you ask - ‘Why Harry Potter? Its just a children’s book…’ Take a moment to realise that to some people, Harry Potter is more than just a story, it’s a part of their life.


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