Friday, 19 February 2016

Girlfriend With-Drawal Survival Kit

Long distance relationships suck. Fact of life. Period. End of story.
But, there is a slight pro to this crappy situation, however dim it may seem in comparison to waking up every morning to the light of your life smiling at you with that beautiful morning breath…?And if you’re single… well consider yourself lucky! This might be a fun idea for friends at university or family back home!
Trying to make light of a bad situation is a good way to get through the hole long-distance crap – and what better way that a good old handmade ‘jokey-but-useful-and-loving-not-so-jokey-parcel-for-your-lovely’?! Snappy right? Thought so too.

Basically fill a box with stuff he likes. But this is a far more fun and adorable departing gift!
For example I included:
- Chocolate
- Handmade bracelets
- A photo of us-
 A letter addressed ridiculously – but it didn’t matter because I wasn’t actually posting it!
- Polaroid pictures
However the most fun part was decorating the box! I went for an army theme, it being a Survival Kit and all…
All you need is:
A suitable size box
Black Sharpie
Sticky tape – (or glue, just to stick the brown paper to the box)
Brown Paper
Red Lipstick – duh!
Oh… and a little spritz of hairspray
It’s as simple as covering your box with the brown paper… sizes vary depending on the box you are using, obviously.
Then finding a font you feel will fit with your theme…
Or something that looks approachable because some of this Calligraphy stuff is insanely complex and makes me want to cry just looking at it let alone to try to replicate it.
Lather those gorgeous lips of yours in your favorite red lipstick, pucker up and smooch that brown paper! (Obviously if you’re a guy doing this for your girlfriend, or just totally not into lipstick in the slightest – don't bother) leaving your beautiful pout perfectly picturesque!
Now grab the hairspray (make sure you cover the writing for this! Don’t want your hard work making a messy departure) and lightly spritz the lipstick to make sure it doesn’t rub off en route to your with-drawn lover!

Fill it with yummies! That’s right, shove all those wonderful goodies into that box – you can get as creative as you want! Interpret that as you will…!
Pop in some ‘While you’re away Rules’ to lift their spirits for when they’re feeling homesick or just plain missing you!i.e.
  1. Call me when you can!
  2. Work hard – but have fun!
  3. Don’t forget to shower

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