Friday, 19 February 2016

Girlfriend With-Drawal Survival Kit

Long distance relationships are not easy. However... This might be a fun idea to try to make things bearable!

Trying to make light of a bad situation is a good way to get through the hole long-distance crap. 

Things That I Included:

-A handful of different chocolates
-Handmade Bracelets
-A photo 
-A letter 
-Polaroid pictures
And to decorate - an army theme, which seemed fitting, it being a Survival Kit and all. 
All you need is:
A suitable size box
Black Sharpie
Sticky tape – (or glue, just to stick the brown paper to the box)
Brown Paper
Red Lipstick – duh!
Oh… and a little spritz of hairspray
It’s as simple as covering your box with the brown paper… sizes vary depending on the box you are using, obviously.
Then finding a font you feel will fit with your theme…
Or something that looks approachable because Calligraphy can become insanely complex and has the effect of making me want to cry just looking at it let alone to try to replicate it.
Then comes the lathering of lips in your favorite red lipstick, and a brief kiss with the brown paper... (Obviously if you’re a guy doing this for your girlfriend, or just totally not into lipstick in the slightest – don't bother) To make it stick and to prevent smudges give it a quick spray with some hairspray (make sure you cover the writing for this! Don’t want your hard work making a messy departure) lightly spritz the lipstick, be careful to not overdo it. 
Fill it with chocolate and sweets! Shove loads of naughty goodies into the box and don't hold back. 

Either send it off with them when they go or pop it in the post for them to receive as a wonderful surprise!

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